Gem Drops Necklace

This is a simple necklace to make and can be modified in many ways. You can get creative with the colours, sizes and number of beads used.


Beads of your choice. I find it works well to have beads of various sizes, but you can probably create a really nice cluster effect using beads of the same size and just varying the lengths of the drops.
Toggle clasp
Length of chain - this can vary depending on how long you want your necklace to be.
Jumprings (to attach the chain to the toggle).



Start by placing one of your beads onto a headpin. I started with my largest bead which would be my longest drop. Make a bend in the headpin as shown at the point you want your loop to be. I am using 2” headpins and I bent the pin at about 1.5” from the bottom.


Using your roundnose pliers, make a loop (large enough to easily fit over the thickness of the toggle).



With your cutting pliers, cut off the end of the wire at the point where they intersect to form a complete loop.


Open this loop up, insert the toggle ring into the loop and close up again.



Determine where you want the next drop to hang and make a bend where the bottom of the loop will be. As before, make your loop, trim wire and attach onto toggle.


Continue adding beads. As you go you will determine where each bead goes and how long it should hang until you are happy with the look of the cluster. I found that it helps to hang the toggle on a string so that you can easily see how it will look hanging.


Next you will use your jumprings to attach both ends of the toggle clasp to the chain. In this case the toggle is part of the pendant and will hang front and center on your necklace.



And voila! You have created a simple, but really pretty necklace. So many ways to change this idea up.